Free Alcohol Rehab – Is There Really Such Thing?

by pgh

Can you really get free alcohol rehab?  Well, the answer is “maybe”, and “it depends”.

Tracking Down Free Rehab Options

You might be able to find affordable or even free help for certain aspects of rehab if you’re persistent, but you’ll likely need to make compromises in your treatment options.  Generally speaking, you won’t find any free options for detox or short-term residential care.  Unless you’re covered by your own insurance, or you’re a dependent under someone else’s coverage – coverage that will pay the full-cost – there will likely be some sort of cost associated with rehab.  After all, running a detox/residential facility is not cheap.

The best way to find cheap or even free alcohol rehab options is to pick up the phone and call local hospitals and ask to speak to a social worker who can help.  Another option is to visit your local municipal website and find the phone numbers of the health department.  Use this info to track down someone who can help you find suitable options.

If you’re unable to pay for treatment and you’re not covered by medicare, medicaid, or private insurance, then chances are you’ll have to find a government funded treatment center, a volunteer driven rehab center, or get government funding for your rehab.  To get the answers you’ll need, you’ll probably have to hope on the phone and ask around to find something local.

Government Funded Long Term Recovery

When it comes to long-term care, many jurisdictions have centers geared towards homeless alcoholics.  These are government funded facilities and in some cases may require residents to go back to work eventually and contribute a certain percentage of their income towards rent and treatment.

Generally, there aren’t going to be any 100% free options.  Almost everything will come with some sort of cost, but if you’re persistent, you can make just a few dollars stretch a long way.


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